RPZ Backflow Preventer Testing

The Most Reliable RPZ Backflow Preventer Testing You Can Have in Perth

Get the most reliable RPZ Backflow Preventer Testing Perth residents have been enjoying for many years now. Plumbco. We’re the go-to plumbing company servicing Perth and the rest of WA.

Why You Need RPZ Backflow Preventer Testing in Perth

More than just being a requirement by law, RPZ  backflow preventer testing in Perth is for your own and the community’s safety so that your drinking water and the city or community’s water supply are safe and protected from contaminants.

Just like the rest of the backflow preventers, an RPZ device keeps our water systems safe to use. It’s more often used by houses, buildings, industrial facilities and the like that have their own irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, or sizable boilers. Thus, you can expect to see RPZ devices in big houses, condominiums, many malls and commercial establishments, restaurants, hospitals, and the like.

Having said that, regular testing on your RPZ devices needs to be done to ensure that there are no contaminants present in the irrigation system of the facility coming from fertilizers and pesticides used on the lawn; or in cases of huge boilers or fire suppression systems, that there’s no bacteria or mineral content build-up that would seep into the piping system.

RPZ preventers work by letting the water flow in one direction and preventing it from flowing back. As a safety measure, the relief valve of an RPZ preventer opens up to dump water as a last resort so it won’t flow back into the piping system. If the relief valve continues to dump water, it indicates that there’s an issue with the RPZ device. You will need a licensed tester like Plumbco to check this every year.

Why RPZ Valve Testing in Perth is Paramount

A defective RPZ device poses a danger to everyone’s health, from the ones in the premises to the whole neighbourhood. Health problems and even death are what we will all be facing if a defective backflow device isn’t attended to properly. We do not want that to happen. That’s why there are legislations requiring installation and maintenance of backflow devices such as an RPZ device. These legislations can be found in the Water Services Act 2012 and Water Services Regulations 2013.

Even the Australian/New Zealand Standard 3500.1 requires all builders and developers to have backflow prevention measures in place. This means that an approved backflow prevention containment device needs to be installed at the boundary of every water service connection to the property, including fire services. And it also goes to show how clean, clear, and safe water is vital to our everyday lives.

These regulations also impose penalties of up to $5,000 and $500 per day for instances where it’s found that compliance to fit backflow prevention devices was not followed. Such offences can also result in water service restriction or disconnection. Protecting the drinking water supply is paramount.

Get Your RPZ Backflow Devices Tested & Certified

Because it is required by law to have backflow devices installed, it goes without saying that these devices should be kept functioning properly. For that, you will need a certified plumbing technician to get your backflow preventers like an RPZ backflow device functioning in tip-top shape. The devices need to be inspected, tested, and certified.

That’s where Plumbco’s expertise comes in. With licensed and certified plumbing technicians to oversee the testing and routine maintenance of your RPZ backflow devices, we will ensure that you’ll be meeting not only the Australian/NZ Standard 3500.1 but complying with the requirements of legislation, too.

Plumbco offers the most thorough and detailed RPZ testing services Perth homes and businesses can rely on. Our licensed and certified plumbing technicians will see to it that your RPZ devices and their valves are in working order, ensuring that backflows are prevented from happening. They will be the ones who will certify if your RPZ devices are up to standards. After the test is complete, the results are submitted to the administrative authority and to the local community’s public water supplier.

Why Choose Plumbco

Plumbco provides the highest quality work when it comes to RPZ testing services Perth residents have found to be truly comprehensive. We’re the go-to company for plumbing services for many residential and commercial property owners in and around Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Our many years in the industry have allowed us to forge strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers and suppliers the country has to offer. And the benefits of these partnerships are what we bring to our customers through our top-notch services being rendered by the best plumbing experts in the business today.

Plumbco is a fully licensed plumbing and gas company that provides reliable backflow testing Perth and the rest of WA must experience to be assured of water that’s clean, potable, and safe for everyone. Book your appointment with Plumbco today!


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