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What is backflow?

Backflow is a reversal of the normal direction of water flow in a water supply plumbing system. It occurs when the water delivery main is at a lower pressure than the internal plumbing system (back siphonage). Back siphonage can occur when there is a burst or ruptured water main, or due to excessive demand during fire-fighting operations or other periods of high demand.

Backflow can also occur if a water pump, such as a bore pump, is cross-connected to the internal water plumbing system, and is pumping bore water at a higher pressure than the water mains pressure (backpressure).

If a property’s drinking water supply is inadvertently connected with a source of pollution, either through a cross-connection or simply a hose submerged in a container of liquid, then these pollutants could enter the water supply when there is an overpressure on the private property side or a sudden drop in water mains pressure.

This is why it is critical to get the best RPZ testing Kwinana and the rest of Western Australia have to offer. Book your appointment today!

Why RPZ Valve Testing is Extremely Critical

Why install an RPZ valve and why is RPZ valve testing important?

The community has a right to protection from contaminated water as the result of a backflow incident. Contaminated water can cause health problems or death and because of this, there are obligations under legislation to install a backflow prevention device such as an RPZ valve:

  • Water Services Act 2012
  • Water Services Regulations 2013

Because of the potentially serious nature of a backflow incident, we can, in accordance with the regulations, serve a notice to you to install RPZ valves at your property boundary. These regulations also mean that penalties of up to $5,000 and $500 per day will be issued if you are not compliant.

Under the regulations, we also have the power to restrict or disconnect water services to protect the drinking water supply. Constant monitoring of RPZ valves is crucial in this endeavour and that is why it is important to get the most reliable RPZ testing services Kwinana has to offer.

Ensure Your RPZ Backflow Preventer is Working Properly

Plumbco offers the most detail-oriented RPZ backflow preventer testing Kwinana homes and businesses know they can trust to ensure that it is working properly.  In order to keep backflows from happening, an RPZ valve should be installed to protect not only your property’s water supply but that of our community as well. Simply put, the device is made up of two independent valves with a chamber in between that monitors water pressure. The valve is designed to ensure a constant flow of safe water even if the pressure fluctuates.

However, these valves don’t last forever, so RPZ certifications are legally required on an annual basis. RPZ certification must be done by a certified technician. At Plumbco, we perform RPZ testing to ensure that valves are working correctly, and also check for any potential backflow. After the test is complete, we submit the results to your local community.

Get The Most Trusted RPZ Testing Contractor

We are one of, if not, the most trusted RPZ testing contractor Kwinana residential and commercial property owners, managers, builders, developers, and real-estate agents count on. With our years of skills, knowledge, and experience in providing the highest quality RPZ testing, our customers trust us to deliver the best results all the time.

Plumbco is a fully licenced, qualified, and registered RPZ testing contractor so you can have peace of mind knowing that we follow the most stringent safety protocols and quality standards set by our industry and that of the Australian government. Hire the most reliable RPZ testing contractor. Book your appointment with Plumbco today!


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