Household Wastewater Treatment

Dependable and First-Rate Household Wastewater Treatment Perth Can Trust

Did you know that Plumbco offers high-quality services for household wastewater treatment in Perth? And they all come at very competitive prices! As a fully accredited Aquarius® Wastewater Systems installation and servicing agent, we will take care of everything—from all the needed documentation and council approvals to the installation and operation of the system.

Plumbco has extensive experience installing water systems, especially from Aquarius®. For residential customers, we install the following

o Residential Alternative Treatment Unit
o Residential Greywater Diversion System
o Single Fixture Greywater Diversion Unit
o Septic Tanks

For commercial customers, we install the following Aquarius® units:

o Commercial Alternative Treatment Unit
o Commercial Greywater Treatment System
o Septic Tanks
Relocatable Treatment Units

Why You Should Install Wastewater Treatment Systems

More than just keeping our water clean and safe, having a high-quality wastewater treatment system installed also helps protect our environment. That’s because the system collects and stores wastewater coming from toilets, sinks, bathrooms, dishwashers and other appliances that use water. The wastewater system then treats and disposes of the wastewater safely and properly.

If you need to know more about which kind of wastewater treatment system is suitable for your commercial or residential property, give your friendly plumbing experts at Plumbco a call today!

Household Wastewater Treatment in Perth: Advantages

Greatly reduces water waste. Water waste doesn’t go straight to the sewerage system, impacting the environment positively. The wastewater treatment produces water that can be used to water the garden, among other things.

Ecofriendly. Less water waste enters the environment and waterborne pollution is reduced. Water waste from industrial zones undergoes treatment ridding it of contaminants and hazardous chemicals.

Economical. Save on your water bills by having a well-maintained wastewater treatment system as you’ll get rid of exorbitant sewerage service charges.

Why Choose Plumbco

Plumbco offers dependable and first-rate servicing of household wastewater treatment in Perth. We’re the go-to company for plumbing services for many residential and commercial property owners in and around Perth and throughout Western Australia.

Our many years in the industry have allowed us to forge strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers and suppliers the country has to offer like Aquarius® and Graf wastewater systems. We bring the benefits of these partnerships to you through our top-notch services rendered by the best plumbing experts in the business today.

We’re a fully licensed plumbing and gas company providing reliable plumbing services in Perth and the rest of WA. Experience excellent service when you need a wastewater treatment system, from initial documentation and obtaining council approvals to installation and maintenance. Book your appointment with Plumbco today!


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