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For economical backflow prevention device testing Perth has come to rely on, turn to Plumbco. The first choice for dependable and cost-effective backflow testing service.

Why You Need Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Simply put, you need backflow device testing to guarantee that your drinking water is not contaminated, dirty, or tainted. You do not want your household to use unclean water, do you? To make sure that your water is clear from any contamination, call Plumbco. Plumbco has the right equipment to conduct backflow testing. Plus, an experienced team who are highly qualified to perform the job.

By having a team of expert plumbers check your backflow device and, of course, your water supply plumbing system, you can prevent any health hazards and spare yourself from huge medical expenses if you or any of your family members are taken ill.

More than keeping your family safe, proper backflow testing will also ensure that your neighbours and other residents in the area are using safe and clean water. And to keep it this way, it is advisable that a licensed tester like Plumbco should do regular backflow testing on backflow devices at least once a year.

Note that if your property is connected to mains water, you’re required by law to have a proper site containment backflow prevention device installed and maintained at the boundary of your property. We can do the installation and yearly maintenance. For more details about this, we’d be more than glad to accommodate your questions. Give us a call today!

Benefits of Backflow Prevention Device Testing in Perth

Having your backflow devices tested regularly gives you a lot of benefits. Aside from the obvious safety benefits mentioned above, here are some of them, especially if you’re going to have Plumbco do the backflow testing itself:

Peace of Mind.  Peace of mind and safety are the top two benefits—that are usually interchangeable—when you have regular backflow testing done. After having your annual backflow testing, you’re left with not thinking about water contamination or water quality for another year. You’ve done your due diligence in keeping your family and community safe until such time that you will need to get in touch with Plumbco for your regular annual backflow testing.

Easy Booking. We make it easy for you to get a schedule for your backflow testing. Just by simply clicking BOOK APPOINTMENT and filling out the details and clicking SUBMIT, your concerns and enquiries will be attended to by our customer service crew. They will be the ones to finalise a schedule when our plumbing experts will conduct their backflow testing. We can also peg a yearly schedule for the regular maintenance of your backflow device.

Inexpensive. If you think having your backflow devices tested is expensive, you’ve got another think coming. Plumbco offers one of the most competitive rates for backflow testing!

Benefits of Installing Backflow Device

Keeps Water Clean and Drinkable. Having a backflow device helps prevent organic wastes, harmful microorganisms, and toxic materials from polluting the water as the device effectively separates drinking water from wastewater. This helps prevents diseases like cholera and diarrhoea. The device also prevents sediments, and rust particles from tainting your central water system, keeping the water in your pipelines totally safe.

Improves the Quality of Water. When the water is kept clean and drinkable by the backflow device, expect an improvement in the quality of the water. You’ll find that the water isn’t smelling foul or isn’t tasting funny or weird. Having odd-tasting water might mean it has high sulphur content. And that’s bad. Also, without the backflow device, muddy water flows out of the faucets each time you turn them on.

Prevents Leaks and Pipe Damage. A backflow device prevents frequent leaks and pipe damage because it maintains pressure in the water pipes. No pressure build-up takes place so leakage and instances of pipe damage are low. Because water pressure is maintained, sediment deposition inside the pipes is restricted. This keeps your plumbing and water systems in tip-top shape.

Why Choose Plumbco

Plumbco provides the highest quality work when it comes to backflow testing that’s totally dependable and economical. We’re the go-to company for plumbing services for many residential and commercial property owners in and around Perth and throughout Western Australia. Our many years in the industry have allowed us to forge strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers and suppliers the country has to offer. And the benefits of these partnerships are what we bring to our customers through our top-notch services being rendered by the best plumbing experts in the business today.

We work with Aquarius® and Graf to provide all our customers with the best products and services possible. Plumbco is a fully licensed plumbing and gas company that provides reliable backflow testing Perth and the rest of WA must experience to be assured of water that’s clean, potable, and safe for everyone. Book your appointment with Plumbco today!


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