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Plumbco is the choice specialist for ATU systems Perth residents trust for many years now. You see, sewer treatment is part of the wastewater treatment process which is what Plumbco does excellently. Just so you know, during the wastewater treatment process, chemicals, food particles, dirt, and grit are removed; part of the process also removes human waste and that’s where sewer treatment or sewage treatment systems come in.

There are different types of sewage systems that deliver effective and efficient sewer treatment. Many of which come from Aquarius® Wastewater Systems or Graf. We’re proud to be accredited by them to install and service any of their ATU systems in Perth and surrounds. Trust us to recommend the best wastewater solutions for your residential and commercial properties. We even do the needed documentation and obtain approvals to install the units on your property.

ATU Systems Perth: Reliable Installers and Servicing

As a property owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the wastewater management systems in Perth you’re having installed is done and certified by licensed professionals. And Plumbco is just the one to do that for you!

We make sure that the ATU systems being installed meet the standards set by the Plumbing Code of Australia and adhere to the Code of Practice for Wastewater Management.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry specialising in residential, commercial, civil, mining, and maintenance, the founders of Plumbco, Shane Tighe and Ryan Vivian, guarantee the workmanship of their brilliant team of highly qualified and licensed plumbers. Aside from these plumbing technicians, our exceptional crew includes experienced project managers, site supervisors, and estimators.

With this outstanding crew of professionals, Plumbco ensures that every installation and maintenance work that we do meets industry standards. You can count on us to finish the job on time and within budget.

Septic Wastewater Systems and Septic Drains

Plumbco provides the latest in septic wastewater systems and septic drains in Perth and surrounds. Thanks to our industry alliances, you get to enjoy cutting-edge technology in wastewater management from brands like Aquarius® and Graf. Now, you get the best quality sewer treatment facilities that remove chemicals, toxins, and other waste products from your septic tank. And our licensed plumbing technicians can install it according to the specifications and standards set by local authorities and the government.

Maintenance won’t be a problem either because aside from our highly skilled and licensed plumbers, our septic drain experts have worked on all types of septic wastewater systems for commercial and residential properties. We only use the best equipment and machinery to get the job done to your satisfaction. Let Plumbco be your company of choice when it comes to the installation and maintenance of your septic wastewater systems.

Installation and Replacement of Leach Drains

Effluents from the septic system or septic tank installed in your property go to the leach drain which is found underground, in a designated leach field in your property. These effluents are evenly distributed and treated through the microorganisms present in the soil, protecting neighbouring areas from contamination.

In time, there will be material buildup in the leach drains causing the soil to be clogged. That’s where Plumbco can help you. Our licensed plumbing technicians will install and replace the leach drains or see if the septic tank needs to be pumped out. Whatever the case may be, you can depend on us to replace your leach drains with high-quality ones from Australia’s leading manufacturers. We’ve built strategic alliances with many of our suppliers to give you the best products for your wastewater management systems.

Why Choose Plumbco

For the best sewer treatment specialist Perth has to offer, make it Plumbco. We are the go-to company for plumbing and gas services for many residential and commercial property owners. We’re fully licensed giving you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your plumbing and gas concerns. We’re fully insured and we strictly comply with local legislation, council regulations, and Standards Australia to deliver the best work possible to you.

Our strategic partnerships with local manufacturers and distributors have allowed us to deliver the best products and workmanship to our customers, from installation to maintenance of various wastewater systems and other plumbing and gas requirements they may need. One thing is for sure, our dedicated team of experts delivers the most cost-efficient solutions to your sewer treatment requirements. Book an appointment today!


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